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Every year the police association donates to various youth organizations, to those in need, community organizations. 



In July Officers Burkett and Laverty responded to a house on Dartmouth Drive for an ambulance request.  Upon arrival it was learned that there was an elderly couple both in their 90’s living there.  The couple have been lifelong residents of Upper Merion Township.  After speaking with the wife it was learned that the couple has not had a working refrigerator for over five years.  The couple lives social security check to check just to survive.  There is no family in the area and they have not spoken to their only relatives left in years.


                                The officers reached out to the Police Assn. to see what could be done for the couple.  It was decided to buy a new refrigerator for them.  Officers went to the Best Buy in town to see what could be done.  After some discussion, Best Buy and the Police Association worked out a deal for the refrigerator.   The refrigerator was taken to the house and set up for them. 


                                The couple was told what we did and they were very happy with their police department.  They could not more thankful.  It is the little things that we can do, to make a big difference in someone’s life.   


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